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The best way to manage your chat team

You have integrated live chat into the communication mix of your company. So if all goes well, you already know that you have to thoroughly train your new chat agents in order to use your live chat as effectively as possible. Then comes a new challenge: managing your team as it grows. How do you ensure that your department works optimally and that you use all chat agents efficiently? There are all kinds of different tools available for live chat software. Below you will see how you can use them.
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Targeted live chat: how and what?

Aug 05, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: proactive chat, trigger

We’ve talked about proactive chat in our blog before. You know, when you contact your website visitors before they contact you. You can also take on proactive chat in a more focused way: targeting. Where you screen your website visitors in advance and only contact a small part of them, those who meet a number of requirements. That way you can communicate more effectively, which is useful if, for example, you use your live chat channel specifically for sales.
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Why you should offer live chats outside your office hours

Jul 22, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: outside office hours

Live chat can give your customer service and sales a big boost, if you use it well. An important part of the success of your live chat channel is making it accessible outside of office hours. Because when most customer service staff go home, your customers do the same. And only then do they have time to do other things, such as shopping, watching television, and contacting the customer service of companies.
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Lead generation: How do you keep the balance between quality and quantity?

Jul 05, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: leads, quality, quantity

We live in a time when lead generation is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. Nowadays the customer mainly has the say, and as a company you often feel in the dark when it comes to what the customer thinks and looks for. How do you ensure that you get lots of leads, which are also of high quality? How do you keep that balance between quality and quantity?
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Automated live chat: do it in moderation

We told you about what proactive live chat is and that the automation of live chat is important. As a sort of sequel to this article, we are now writing a “counter article”, so we can show you the other side of automating live chat. Where we first focused on how you should approach it, we now look at how you should not. And then we will focus purely and solely on automating it.
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Getting more out of live chat

Jun 05, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: improve, live chat

When making an online transaction, it can feel like you are toying with your hard-earned money. A live chat can help bring life to the transaction. People feel safer with their money when there is someone on the other end of the line they can interact with in real time. This sense of reassurance can only be given through a properly managed live chat. Here are some guidelines that will help you get more out of your live chat operation. Make Conversation Transcripts available Some customers may want to go over their conversation with you during a live chat session for various reasons. It could be to get useful information you supplied during the session or to make reference to certain promises you made or reassurance you gave them about a purchase they made. A good live chat practice would be to offer to send a copy of the conversation to them via email. Canned Messages should be used wisely There are certain prerecorded forms of greeting that live chat agents can use to ease their work. These messages must be used wisely so that the customer will not feel like they are chatting with a bot. the purpose of […]
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How helpful is live chat?

May 29, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: effective, helpful, live chat

Businesses offering e-commerce services have a present challenge to tackle. How do you help an online shopper deal with their confusion and questions while trying to make a purchase? Live chat is the simple and effective answer to that question. Live chat allows shoppers to interact with customer service reps to get answers to the questions they might have in real time. It can also provide help with items bought. For instance, there could be some features of the product that are not listed on the website. A customer may show some hesitation because they are not sure of what to expect. Live chat bridges the gap between customers and businesses to increase the number of conversions the company gets and also create a satisfied customer. In a study conducted by Bold360 among online buyers in the US, it was found that those who use live chat purchased items online more frequently (weekly) than those who didn’t. 36% of those who never used live chat purchased less than once in a month in comparison to the 18% of those who are online chatters. Online buyers who actively used live chat were found to make more of their holiday shopping online. […]
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Improved live chat services

Improved live chat services It is no longer news that live chat has been an invaluable tool in dealing with customer queries with a view to increasing conversions in an e-commerce world. We live a digital life these days and businesses must rise to the occasion if they are going keep being a going concern. Online shoppers are increasingly depending on live chat services so much so that companies have to pay serious attention to how they handle this customer service department. The life of the company may well depend on it. There are certain tips that will help you to be the best live chat service provider. Automatic response to live chat requests When a customer initiates a chat session, there should be a response to the request in less than 10 seconds. The only way to guarantee this always happens is to have an automatic response that tells the customer an agent will attend to them presently. While they wait for a real agent, get them to fill a pre-chat survey which will gather information about the customer that will be useful to the agent attending to them. Use chat history to gather intel about customers If the […]
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Improving customer experience through live chat

Humans are gregarious creatures. Everywhere there is pleasure, we are more than likely to frequent those places. This holds true for the business world also. It’s all about the experience. When customers feel good after dealing with your e-commerce platform, they will return there. This means that it needs to be more than conversion increase for you. You need to ask yourself some basic questions. Are customers buying from you because your product makes economic sense? Will they stay with you even if someone offered them the same services for less? Do new customers come back after a purchase? These are valid questions that need answers. Live chat can help you offer positive answers to these questions if the following guidelines are followed. Communicate genuineness and originality. Your live chat agents must be able to send a message of honesty and truthfulness to the customers. This helps earn their trust. When they trust the agent, they will trust the company. Honest communication involves talking about the limitations of the services the agent can offer them. When necessary, chats should be transferred to a more qualified representative without shame. People can easily detect a lie and first impressions last longer than […]
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Live chat and lead generation

One of the things that live chat can do for you is the provision of information and data that you can use to identify and cultivate potential customers for a business product or service. This process is known as lead generation. Using live chat, you can pique the interest of customers in a particular product or get them to enquire about the product or service. Here’s how. Keep a FAQ system close to your live chat console. This will increase the speed with which you answer questions asked by a customer. Most of these questions will be on the knowledgebase system that you already have. Create a way to capture lead information easily. Different leads need to be captured differently.t the product or service. Here’s how. Keep a FAQ system close to your live chat console. This will increase the speed with which you answer questions asked by a customer. Most of these questions will be on the knowledgebase system that you already have. Create a way to capture lead information easily. Different leads need to be captured differently. You can set up a form that collects basic personal information from each person. This makes future references easy and also […]
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