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The best way to manage your chat team

You have integrated live chat into the communication mix of your company. So if all goes well, you already know that you have to thoroughly train your new chat agents in order to use your live chat as effectively as possible. Then comes a new challenge: managing your team as it grows. How do you ensure that your department works optimally and that you use all chat agents efficiently? There are all kinds of different tools available for live chat software. Below you will see how you can use them.
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Why you should offer live chats outside your office hours

Jul 22, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: outside office hours

Live chat can give your customer service and sales a big boost, if you use it well. An important part of the success of your live chat channel is making it accessible outside of office hours. Because when most customer service staff go home, your customers do the same. And only then do they have time to do other things, such as shopping, watching television, and contacting the customer service of companies.
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Automated live chat: do it in moderation

We told you about what proactive live chat is and that the automation of live chat is important. As a sort of sequel to this article, we are now writing a “counter article”, so we can show you the other side of automating live chat. Where we first focused on how you should approach it, we now look at how you should not. And then we will focus purely and solely on automating it.
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How to make a live chat session engaging

When a customer reaches out through live chat, one thing an agent must keep in mind is the need to make the conversation lively and humane. The customer should not think they are talking to a robot. The agent has a lot to do in this regard. Also, some customers may not be chatty, an agent must know how to get them to talk. The more information customers are able to provide, the more easily the chat agent will be able to serve them. Mastering the art of conversation can require effort even though there are those who are talented at it. If you have chat agents who are not gifted at making conversations lively, the following guidelines can be practiced with these agents to improve their conversational skills. They should learn this both online and offline. Be a good listener. Knowing how to listen is a skill that many lack. Training your agents in listening skills will bolster their performance on live chat. They should be taught how to ask probing questions that will make the customer disclose more information. Know the product. Gaining good knowledge and interaction with products can help an agent offer key insight into the […]
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Customer relationship management and live chat

Business relationships involves the exchange of data and information between two entities. Usually, a business and a customer or two business entities. Everything in life boils down to relationships. How effectively you manage the relationships determine how long they will last. This is why businesses that worth their salt have a customer relationship management (CRM) system. With a CRM system, a business is equipped with what it needs to manage a business relationship. However, the data needed to manage these relationships these days mostly come from another source. Live chat! The real deal here is how to create a channel of communication between live chat software and the CRM software of your company. More and more online shoppers depend heavily on live chat sessions to make purchases and express their worries about certain products. A proactive company uses these pieces of information to seek out ways to provide maximum satisfaction to customers. It is amazing the amount of information that can be got through chat sessions. People feel more comfortable chatting and express themselves more easily through this means. Chat agents should have access to the sales records of your customers. This will enable them know the buying patterns of […]
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Tips for live chat outsourcing

Live chat has become a veritable tool for businesses that seek conversion increase in the number of visitors to their website. It allows a representative of the company to answer questions about products and generate more sales through customer engagement using instant messaging. Managing a live chat is not as easy as installing one on your website. Improper handling can make you wish you didn’t have that plugin in the first place. Conversely, excellent live chat services have been proven to dovetail with increase in conversion, better customer experience, and improved customer services for most businesses. 52% of customers will buy again from companies that offer excellent live chat support, stats have shown. A properly managed live chat by a skilled agent can be a great asset to your company just as a bot or software program can be a great liability when people are dissatisfied by the services it provides. The problem with a skilled live chat agent is that the cost of having one can make the company’s purse grow lean. So, what’s the way out? Live chat outsourcing! Live chat outsourcing has many great advantages for your company: In modern e-commerce, the ability to answer customers’ questions while […]
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Angry customer on the other side of the chat? This is how to properly deal with such situations

Like with any other form of customer service, you can also encounter angry customers with live chat, but, like with every other form of customer service, there are ways to deal with such customers adequately, because live chat is intended as an additional service toward your customers, and not as a means to scare them away. So, what should you do if you’re faced with an angry customer? Follow these LiveChat Pro tips! 
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How live chat contributes to “the Age of the Customer”

You’ve probably had to deal with live chat in a business setting before. Perhaps you were visiting a website and a chat window opened, politely asking you if you were in need of help to make your choice, or maybe you read a Frankwatching article about it. One thing is certain, live chat is a great addition to your customer service mix in a time in which customers are increasingly in control. 
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What is proactive live chat?

Mar 03, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: proactive chatting

Compared to the last two years, the availability of Dutch websites via live chat has improved in 2016. This is why it is time to look at an important aspect of live chat. We previously explained how you can boost your live-chat channel to achieve better results. One of the tips we gave was to actively talk to your customers; proactively, in other words. What does that entail, what is the best approach and what can you achieve with live chat?
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Case study: Kroftman gets great results with our Managed Live Chat

Feb 20, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: case study

That outsourcing live chat reaps rewards is something we already knew at LiveChat Pro, but a recent study into one of our customers has restated the fact. Kroftman Structures approached us with a request to increase the number of leads generated by its website’s visitors, without this costing too much time and money. We wrote a case study so that you can see exactly how this was achieved.
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