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Tips for live chat outsourcing

Live chat has become a veritable tool for businesses that seek conversion increase in the number of visitors to their website. It allows a representative of the company to answer questions about products and generate more sales through customer engagement using instant messaging. Managing a live chat is not as easy as installing one on your website. Improper handling can make you wish you didn’t have that plugin in the first place. Conversely, excellent live chat services have been proven to dovetail with increase in conversion, better customer experience, and improved customer services for most businesses. 52% of customers will buy again from companies that offer excellent live chat support, stats have shown. A properly managed live chat by a skilled agent can be a great asset to your company just as a bot or software program can be a great liability when people are dissatisfied by the services it provides. The problem with a skilled live chat agent is that the cost of having one can make the company’s purse grow lean. So, what’s the way out? Live chat outsourcing! Live chat outsourcing has many great advantages for your company: In modern e-commerce, the ability to answer customers’ questions while […]
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Angry customer on the other side of the chat? This is how to properly deal with such situations

Like with any other form of customer service, you can also encounter angry customers with live chat, but, like with every other form of customer service, there are ways to deal with such customers adequately, because live chat is intended as an additional service toward your customers, and not as a means to scare them away. So, what should you do if you’re faced with an angry customer? Follow these LiveChat Pro tips! 
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How live chat contributes to “the Age of the Customer”

You’ve probably had to deal with live chat in a business setting before. Perhaps you were visiting a website and a chat window opened, politely asking you if you were in need of help to make your choice, or maybe you read a Frankwatching article about it. One thing is certain, live chat is a great addition to your customer service mix in a time in which customers are increasingly in control. 
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What is proactive live chat?

Mar 03, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: proactive chatting

Compared to the last two years, the availability of Dutch websites via live chat has improved in 2016. This is why it is time to look at an important aspect of live chat. We previously explained how you can boost your live-chat channel to achieve better results. One of the tips we gave was to actively talk to your customers; proactively, in other words. What does that entail, what is the best approach and what can you achieve with live chat?
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Why it is better to outsource lead generation

If your company is growing, it could be a good idea to outsource certain aspects of your working activities; aspects that you need not necessary manage yourself. Lead generation is a good example of this kind of activity. For many companies, lead generation has a very high priority, making it important that it is done as properly and efficiently as possible. 
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Case study: Kroftman gets great results with our Managed Live Chat

Feb 20, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: case study

That outsourcing live chat reaps rewards is something we already knew at LiveChat Pro, but a recent study into one of our customers has restated the fact. Kroftman Structures approached us with a request to increase the number of leads generated by its website’s visitors, without this costing too much time and money. We wrote a case study so that you can see exactly how this was achieved.
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Three goals for which you can employ live chat: service, conversion and leads

Many people purely consider live chat a customer-service tool. This is unsurprising, because it is certainly highly suitable for this (if not more so than other channels). But, live chat can also be used to assist companies in other ways, such as increasing conversion rates or generating leads. Regardless of how they use live chat, it can be used to generate tremendous results, if used in the right way.
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The power of hybrid outsourcing: partially outsource your live chat

If you’ve made the decision to start offering with live chat, you will be faced with the following question: am I going to outsource or manage everything myself? Both methods have their own advantages, which means the choice isn’t always easy to make, but have you considered that it is also possible to partially outsource live chat, while maintaining control over it yourself? This type of “hybrid outsourcing” is the ideal solution for many companies, and can assist them in achieving their goals (faster). 
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Use six questions to determine whether it would be better to outsource your live chat

Jan 30, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: outsource live chat

For many companies, outsourcing live chat has many advantages and few disadvantages. However, it should be noted that this doesn’t apply to every company. To determine whether outsourcing live chat is a good idea for your company, you need to look at different aspects of your company and the extent and type of the customer service you provide. Whether you choose to outsource it or not, adequately setting up your live chat is always important. Ask yourself the following six questions and you will quickly find out whether outsourcing is the best option for your company. 
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Give live chat a second chance with these tips

Live chat can be an important addition to your communication strategy, can save you a lot of money and even generate money for you. Sadly, not all companies have only success stories to share about live chat. There are companies that tried live chat in the past, but which did not achieve the desired results. There are various reasons why this might be the case. Have you ever tried to employ live chat in the past, but with limited success? Read what might have been the cause below, why you should give live chat a second chance and how you can make it into a success this time around. 
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