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The pros and cons of outsourcing live chat

Trends toward outsourcing in general have accelerated again after the recession when companies started looking for cost savings and minimal operational complexity. With the current volatile economy, in which companies need to save on operating costs to keep up with the competition, outsourcing live chat has become increasingly popular. According to a study by EverestGroup, figures indicate that the expenses for contact centre outsourcing in 2013 have increased by 7% relative to the preceding year. Expenses within non-voice channels (e-mail, chat, social media) even grew by 35-40% per year.
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New client: Nooteboom Group

Sep 12, 2017 by Anthony Carter Tags: client, nooteboom group

This week, LiveChat Pro gained yet another client: Nooteboom Trailers. With a turnover of 110 million euros in Europe, this company has a leading market position in designing and manufacturing vehicles for exceptional road transport of 20 to 40 tonnes of load capacity. LiveChat Pro will operate the live chat on Nooteboom’s website from 7 AM to 11 PM, 7 days a week. Initially, only proactive chat will be used. Business visitors from different countries will be invited to a chat session when they visit specific pages on the site. This way, the multilingual chat operators of LiveChat Pro can target visitors and convert them into leads. Currently, the main goal is to generate more quotations for the company using live chat. The chat operators of LiveChat Pro welcome Nooteboom Group and look forward to a long-term collaboration. Click here if you want to download our whitepaper about how to generate leads with live chat.  
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When should you outsource live chat?

Many people are not sure about the decision to outsource live chat to another company and weigh the pros and cons of limiting the number of hours they make live chat available on their website with the price they need to pay to a company for the service they receive. While the actual decision of outsourcing live chat on a website is entirely up to you as owner of that website, there are a number of factors that can make it easier to distinguish whether live chat is the best solution for the overall productivity of your business.
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Why customer satisfaction is so important

Customer satisfaction is a benchmark that allows organisations to determine whether products and/or services meet customer expectations (or exceed them). Customer satisfaction is important because it gives entrepreneurs and managers a metric they can use to manage and improve their organisation. In a study among almost 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent answered that they consider a metric that measures customer satisfaction very useful for managing and monitoring their business. Here are the six main reasons why customer satisfaction is so important: It is an important indicator of repeat purchasing intent and loyalty It is a way to differentiate from competitors It reduces customer turnover It increases the customer lifetime value It reduces negative word-of-mouth advertising It is cheaper to retain customers than to attract new ones
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Study: webshop chat employee scores 6.2 in Dutch

A study set up by LiveChat Pro among 98 Dutch webshops with live chat shows shocking results. The average live chat operator of a webshop scores a mediocre 6.2 in the Dutch language. Also, the general knowledge of the chat employee is not always that high. 12% of the operators cannot answer the question of what the webshop’s VAT number is, while this number can almost always be found on the contact page or in the general terms and conditions of the webshop.
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7 reasons why live chat increases conversion on websites

Conversions on websites are literally the fuel that keeps an Internet business running. Some fuels work better than others. Fortunately, most conversion factors can be derived with a little research. Google Analytics, eye-tracking software, and even customer surveys can help your conversion specialists in the right direction. There is one function in particular that increases conversions more than any random colour change or move of a button, and it is called live chat. Live chat immediately changes the consumer’s perception. It gives websites additional credibility and gives potential customers the peace of mind that customer service is a priority. Consumers who are looking for information definitely love live chat, and even regular shoppers enjoy the benefit of having a price or function confirmed before proceeding with their purchase. There are several ways in which live chat increases conversion. Here are seven of the most important ones:
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Study: Zendesk Dutch market leader in live chat software

Market research by LiveChat Pro shows that the American company Zendesk, the creator of live chat software Zopim, has the largest market share in the Netherlands with 33%. In December of last year, we examined 150 Dutch websites that have a live chat function.
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Ten reasons why you have not yet implemented live chat on your website

Companies, educational institutions, and other organisations have embraced the Internet to increase their presence and attract customers; all this in an attempt to generate more sales in a cost-effective manner. However, many website visitors feel no connection to the organisation when they have questions. A phone call can mean paid 0900 numbers, long waiting times, conversations with multiple employees and selection menus, while with e-mail, it can take days before you receive a response and need multiple exchanges to reach a solution (also see our study of response times within the 50 biggest webshops in the Netherlands). More and more consumers want immediate, accurate answers to their questions and concerns. Those same consumers tend to want to do business with someone who can provide quick, accurate answers as soon as they have questions. Websites with live chat enable businesses to offer quick and easy answers in a way that also has a positive effect on the business result.
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Outsource your live chat or not? Ten questions to ask

Are your customer service staff already very busy? What about during special promotions? Are they responsible for both incoming phone calls and e-mails? Are you struggling with long waiting times, unanswered calls, or even drops in service quality while your employees want to finish every conversation or e-mail quickly because the next customer is already waiting? And are you now considering using live chat as well? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will definitely need to outsource live chat. For many companies, making the decision to deploy an outsourced live chat contact centre can be challenging. They often worry about the quality of the operator, the availability, and high turnover. But managed live chat can improve First Call Resolution KPIs, reduce the number of calls and e-mails, and offer the latest technology that guarantees safe processing of sensitive data. But how do you know you have chosen the right provider?
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Generating leads with live chat

Aug 15, 2017 by Anthony Carter Tags: lead generation

Sending leads to your website is one of the first steps in the conversion funnel, but a “lead” is not really a “lead” until the visitor has actually shown interest in your product or service. A visitor on your website is just a statistic, not a true lead. By using live chat, you can persuade the visitor to take a trial or fill out a registration form. This is an example of lead generation. How does live chat work with lead generation? Take a look at your website and identify the number of ways in which a customer can contact you.
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