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7 reasons why live chat increases conversion on websites

Conversions on websites are literally the fuel that keeps an Internet business running. Some fuels work better than others. Fortunately, most conversion factors can be derived with a little research. Google Analytics, eye-tracking software, and even customer surveys can help your conversion specialists in the right direction. There is one function in particular that increases conversions more than any random colour change or move of a button, and it is called live chat. Live chat immediately changes the consumer’s perception. It gives websites additional credibility and gives potential customers the peace of mind that customer service is a priority. Consumers who are looking for information definitely love live chat, and even regular shoppers enjoy the benefit of having a price or function confirmed before proceeding with their purchase. There are several ways in which live chat increases conversion. Here are seven of the most important ones:
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Study: Zendesk Dutch market leader in live chat software

Market research by LiveChat Pro shows that the American company Zendesk, the creator of live chat software Zopim, has the largest market share in the Netherlands with 33%. In December of last year, we examined 150 Dutch websites that have a live chat function.
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Ten reasons why you have not yet implemented live chat on your website

Companies, educational institutions, and other organisations have embraced the Internet to increase their presence and attract customers; all this in an attempt to generate more sales in a cost-effective manner. However, many website visitors feel no connection to the organisation when they have questions. A phone call can mean paid 0900 numbers, long waiting times, conversations with multiple employees and selection menus, while with e-mail, it can take days before you receive a response and need multiple exchanges to reach a solution (also see our study of response times within the 50 biggest webshops in the Netherlands). More and more consumers want immediate, accurate answers to their questions and concerns. Those same consumers tend to want to do business with someone who can provide quick, accurate answers as soon as they have questions. Websites with live chat enable businesses to offer quick and easy answers in a way that also has a positive effect on the business result.
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Outsource your live chat or not? Ten questions to ask

Are your customer service staff already very busy? What about during special promotions? Are they responsible for both incoming phone calls and e-mails? Are you struggling with long waiting times, unanswered calls, or even drops in service quality while your employees want to finish every conversation or e-mail quickly because the next customer is already waiting? And are you now considering using live chat as well? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will definitely need to outsource live chat. For many companies, making the decision to deploy an outsourced live chat contact centre can be challenging. They often worry about the quality of the operator, the availability, and high turnover. But managed live chat can improve First Call Resolution KPIs, reduce the number of calls and e-mails, and offer the latest technology that guarantees safe processing of sensitive data. But how do you know you have chosen the right provider?
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Generating leads with live chat

Aug 15, 2017 by Anthony Carter Tags: lead generation

Sending leads to your website is one of the first steps in the conversion funnel, but a “lead” is not really a “lead” until the visitor has actually shown interest in your product or service. A visitor on your website is just a statistic, not a true lead. By using live chat, you can persuade the visitor to take a trial or fill out a registration form. This is an example of lead generation. How does live chat work with lead generation? Take a look at your website and identify the number of ways in which a customer can contact you.
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Study of 50 largest webshop responding fastest to customers via live chat

In late September, we studied the response times through the various communication channels of the 50 largest online retailers from the Twinkle Retail Top 100, which was published last week. We studied how quickly companies respond to questions or complaints from customers via phone, e-mail/contact form, Twitter, Facebook, and live chat. We then looked at companies who use at least 3 of these 5 channels. The study shows that Foppen E-tail responded the fastest, with an average reaction time of just over 15 minutes. This consumer electronics chain responded to an incoming e-mail within 45 minutes and via phone within 47 seconds. They responded the fastest via live chat, namely within 13 seconds. Wijnvoordeel ended in second place with an average of 18 minutes across all channels. The webshop that answers questions and complains the fastest via webcare is Coolblue, another retailer in the field of consumer electronics, with an average response time of 11 minutes via Twitter and 21 minutes via Facebook. The companies respond much faster on Twitter than on Facebook (2 hours and 44 minutes versus 5 hours and 18 minutes, respectively). A caller must wait an average of 1 minute and 39 seconds before speaking to […]
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Study: Live chat used more often than web care by large web shops

In late September, we investigated the use of different communication channels by companies in the Twinkle Retail Top 100, a list of the hundred largest online retailers in the Netherlands that was published last week. We looked at the different possibilities for customers to contact the retailers via their websites: phone, e-mail/contact form, webcare (specifically Twitter and Facebook) and live chat. The study shows that 25% of these webshops are available for questions or complaints via live chat and 19% via webcare. Twitter is used 50% more often than Facebook. Not surprisingly, 99% are accessible by phone and 97% by e-mail or a contact form. What stands out is that webcare is far from being used everywhere. Although every webshop from the Twinkle Top 100 has a Facebook or Twitter account, not every company actively responds to statements about that business. But in recent years, we have seen the use of webcare, but also live chat, take flight. I predict that in 5 years, every webshop from this list will offer the possibility of contacting them via live chat and webcare, just as contact via phone or e-mail is possible everywhere. Customers expect to be able to contact companies in […]
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5 great reasons why you should NOT have live chat on your site

Aug 03, 2017 by Anthony Carter Tags: live chat, webshops

Live chat is totally hot. Customers generally find it pleasant, companies find it convenient; it really benefits everyone. But not everyone is completely fond of the idea that it is possible to immediately solve problems, receive information, or have questions answered. Why is live chat becoming even more popular? It’s all about the directness it offers. Direct answers to direct questions that allows people to do their thing and not hang around. The annual Live Chat Effectiveness report of live chat software supplier Bold Chat shows that in the US, approximately 27% of people point to live chat as their favourite communication channel. This number is slightly lower in Europe, but it does increase every year. So from a business perspective, you can either consider the glass half full or – if your name is Negative Nancy – half empty. Is it:
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10 ways to generate leads

Sales leads are an essential part of the marketing process. A steady flow of good quality leads, if properly handled, can lead to a regular flow of orders and ensures that entrepreneurs can plan ahead for confidence. This article contains 10 popular, effective ideas for lead generation that you may want to add to your marketing arsenal. Why would you do this? Many small business owners make the mistake of focusing heavily on 1 or 2 lead sources. The problem with this approach is that if one of those lead sources is depleted, you are in BIG trouble. It is much better to develop a wide spread of inbound sales leads. So, let’s get started!
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10 tips for generating new business

Gaining customers is very difficult, whether you are just starting out with your own business or have been in business for a while. Acquiring new leads is basically the hardest challenge for every company. So how can you generate new leads and gain new customers? There are many ways to gain new business, but you must be prepared to work hard for it and get out there to meet new people while investing time and money into your own marketing. Do not expect everything to just fall into your lap; that’s simply not how it works. Here are my top 10 tips on how to generate new leads: Do your homework Be prepared to get out there and meet as many new people as possible. If there are 30 potential customers in your region, visit them all. It may be exhausting, but you may very well gain 4 or 5 customers from it. Word-of-mouth advertising Tell everyone you know (friends, family, former colleagues) that you have your own business. Tell people about the services you offer and you will see that word-of-mouth advertising results in a few decent leads. If you have satisfied existing customers, ask them for referrals. Consider […]
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