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Improved live chat services

Improved live chat services It is no longer news that live chat has been an invaluable tool in dealing with customer queries with a view to increasing conversions in an e-commerce world. We live a digital life these days and businesses must rise to the occasion if they are going keep being a going concern. Online shoppers are increasingly depending on live chat services so much so that companies have to pay serious attention to how they handle this customer service department. The life of the company may well depend on it. There are certain tips that will help you to be the best live chat service provider. Automatic response to live chat requests When a customer initiates a chat session, there should be a response to the request in less than 10 seconds. The only way to guarantee this always happens is to have an automatic response that tells the customer an agent will attend to them presently. While they wait for a real agent, get them to fill a pre-chat survey which will gather information about the customer that will be useful to the agent attending to them. Use chat history to gather intel about customers If the […]
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