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Getting more out of live chat

Jun 05, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: improve, live chat

When making an online transaction, it can feel like you are toying with your hard-earned money. A live chat can help bring life to the transaction. People feel safer with their money when there is someone on the other end of the line they can interact with in real time. This sense of reassurance can only be given through a properly managed live chat. Here are some guidelines that will help you get more out of your live chat operation. Make Conversation Transcripts available Some customers may want to go over their conversation with you during a live chat session for various reasons. It could be to get useful information you supplied during the session or to make reference to certain promises you made or reassurance you gave them about a purchase they made. A good live chat practice would be to offer to send a copy of the conversation to them via email. Canned Messages should be used wisely There are certain prerecorded forms of greeting that live chat agents can use to ease their work. These messages must be used wisely so that the customer will not feel like they are chatting with a bot. the purpose of […]
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How helpful is live chat?

May 29, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: effective, helpful, live chat

Businesses offering e-commerce services have a present challenge to tackle. How do you help an online shopper deal with their confusion and questions while trying to make a purchase? Live chat is the simple and effective answer to that question. Live chat allows shoppers to interact with customer service reps to get answers to the questions they might have in real time. It can also provide help with items bought. For instance, there could be some features of the product that are not listed on the website. A customer may show some hesitation because they are not sure of what to expect. Live chat bridges the gap between customers and businesses to increase the number of conversions the company gets and also create a satisfied customer. In a study conducted by Bold360 among online buyers in the US, it was found that those who use live chat purchased items online more frequently (weekly) than those who didn’t. 36% of those who never used live chat purchased less than once in a month in comparison to the 18% of those who are online chatters. Online buyers who actively used live chat were found to make more of their holiday shopping online. […]
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Improving customer experience through live chat

Humans are gregarious creatures. Everywhere there is pleasure, we are more than likely to frequent those places. This holds true for the business world also. It’s all about the experience. When customers feel good after dealing with your e-commerce platform, they will return there. This means that it needs to be more than conversion increase for you. You need to ask yourself some basic questions. Are customers buying from you because your product makes economic sense? Will they stay with you even if someone offered them the same services for less? Do new customers come back after a purchase? These are valid questions that need answers. Live chat can help you offer positive answers to these questions if the following guidelines are followed. Communicate genuineness and originality. Your live chat agents must be able to send a message of honesty and truthfulness to the customers. This helps earn their trust. When they trust the agent, they will trust the company. Honest communication involves talking about the limitations of the services the agent can offer them. When necessary, chats should be transferred to a more qualified representative without shame. People can easily detect a lie and first impressions last longer than […]
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Live chat and lead generation

One of the things that live chat can do for you is the provision of information and data that you can use to identify and cultivate potential customers for a business product or service. This process is known as lead generation. Using live chat, you can pique the interest of customers in a particular product or get them to enquire about the product or service. Here’s how. Keep a FAQ system close to your live chat console. This will increase the speed with which you answer questions asked by a customer. Most of these questions will be on the knowledgebase system that you already have. Create a way to capture lead information easily. Different leads need to be captured differently.t the product or service. Here’s how. Keep a FAQ system close to your live chat console. This will increase the speed with which you answer questions asked by a customer. Most of these questions will be on the knowledgebase system that you already have. Create a way to capture lead information easily. Different leads need to be captured differently. You can set up a form that collects basic personal information from each person. This makes future references easy and also […]
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How to choose the right chat software

When you are ready to incorporate live chat into your business website, there are a few things you need to look out for. Choosing the right software is integral to getting the best out of live chat. Many businesses have not got value for money spent on live chat because they chose a software that is not suited to their needs. Here are a few things to look out for. You need to check if the canned messages can be customized. Customers need to feel that they are being contacted by a real person and not a bot. When the same proactive greeting is offered every time, it sends a wrong message to customers and they are discouraged to use live chat. Does the live chat software have a mobile app? In this world of mobile technology, it is important to be able to offer support via mobile devices. Support needs to be available 24-7 and one way to ensure that is to see that the live chat option you go for has a mobile app incorporated to it. The end user also need to have a mobile responsive chat widget. Customers are most likely going to be accessing your […]
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Customer relationship management and live chat

Business relationships involves the exchange of data and information between two entities. Usually, a business and a customer or two business entities. Everything in life boils down to relationships. How effectively you manage the relationships determine how long they will last. This is why businesses that worth their salt have a customer relationship management (CRM) system. With a CRM system, a business is equipped with what it needs to manage a business relationship. However, the data needed to manage these relationships these days mostly come from another source. Live chat! The real deal here is how to create a channel of communication between live chat software and the CRM software of your company. More and more online shoppers depend heavily on live chat sessions to make purchases and express their worries about certain products. A proactive company uses these pieces of information to seek out ways to provide maximum satisfaction to customers. It is amazing the amount of information that can be got through chat sessions. People feel more comfortable chatting and express themselves more easily through this means. Chat agents should have access to the sales records of your customers. This will enable them know the buying patterns of […]
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Give live chat a second chance with these tips

Live chat can be an important addition to your communication strategy, can save you a lot of money and even generate money for you. Sadly, not all companies have only success stories to share about live chat. There are companies that tried live chat in the past, but which did not achieve the desired results. There are various reasons why this might be the case. Have you ever tried to employ live chat in the past, but with limited success? Read what might have been the cause below, why you should give live chat a second chance and how you can make it into a success this time around. 
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The best customer service: self-service or live chat?

Jan 02, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: live chat, self-service

It used to be the case that customers always had to contact the customer service of a company themselves if they had a question or a problem. In this, the customer would always be assisted by an employee. Over time, the way this service was provided changed from letters and telephone calls to emails and, in our contemporary world, online chat. That customers are able to do and organise a lot themselves in terms of customer service and support is still relatively new. In this article, we take a closer look at self-service and live chat and determine which of the two is the better customer-service method. 
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Live chat or WhatsApp?

That an increasing number of people are chatting is a given, but which medium is the best? WhatsApp continues to grow, but providing live chat on their websites is starting to pay off for an increasing number companies. So, if you have to make the choice, is it better to opt for live chat or WhatsApp? To make this choice easier for you, we have compared the two media on several important points: the capacity to proactively approach customers, cost, lead generation, conversation history, waiting times, mobile versus desktop (and switching between them), sending automated messages and data collection.  WhatsApp and live chat are both in real time, which means customers talk directly to an employee. This means both are fast and can be used to immediately assist people with their specific problems. And you don’t have to search for customers via these channels; they come to you. This means both communication modes save you time. Despite their similarity in this regard, there are differences between the two options, and it is up to your company to decide which features are the most desirable.
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The power of live chat

Live chat is still relatively new in the digital communication mix, and not all companies are using it yet. However, the number of companies using it is growing, and various large companies have successfully shown that it works. Thus, it is becoming increasingly clear that live chat works, but where exactly lies the power of live chat? Live chat has many advantages and very few disadvantages. We have listed the benefits for both the customer and your company below.  We can summarise the power of live chat briefly: it is fast, direct, personal and non-binding. And the group of people that prefers using online media to contact companies is continuing to grow as more young people enter the customer pool. All this will ensure that live chat will become an unmissable part of the communication mix companies employ within a relatively short space of time. But, let’s slow it down a little. Below, we will go through the advantages point by point.
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