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Targeted live chat: how and what?

Aug 05, 2018 by Anthony Carter Tags: proactive chat, trigger

We’ve talked about proactive chat in our blog before. You know, when you contact your website visitors before they contact you. You can also take on proactive chat in a more focused way: targeting. Where you screen your website visitors in advance and only contact a small part of them, those who meet a number of requirements. That way you can communicate more effectively, which is useful if, for example, you use your live chat channel specifically for sales.
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Automated live chat: do it in moderation

We told you about what proactive live chat is and that the automation of live chat is important. As a sort of sequel to this article, we are now writing a “counter article”, so we can show you the other side of automating live chat. Where we first focused on how you should approach it, we now look at how you should not. And then we will focus purely and solely on automating it.
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