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Dedicated chat operators

Live Chat Pro gives you the opportunity to work with dedicated chat operators, i.e. qualified and committed operators who work exclusively for you and your project. Our motivated and enthusiastic employees are used to process new information in a short time and to quickly master new systems. In addition, they are continuously trained to assist your customers in a professional and service-oriented way and answer any first-line questions of your customers.

Dedicated teams

We propose to form in 1 or 2 months the ideal team of agents for you to meet your needs as well as possible. The dedicated agents are trained to answer customer questions via chat on behalf of your organisation only. They are the face of your business; you can be confident that the operators know what is going on in your organisation. They know your business, the industry and the knowledge base that is used for answering customer questions. The knowledge base can be updated at any time of the day so that the agents can provide customers with the right information and immediately pass actual changes. The expertise of our dedicated operators grows with each question they answer so you can be assured that we deliver professional customer services.

Effective and professional customer contact

Our dedicated agents provide professional service and work for both large and small organizations. Think of retailers and multi-channel platforms. With the use of our dedicated operators you can use your customer contact and relationship management cheaper, more effectively and more professionally.