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Managed live chat service

Every company is looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Customers now expect to be able to use multiple communication channels when communicating with businesses, whereby live chat tops that list. LiveChat Pro is a leading live chat contact center with live chat operators who work for a variety of clients, from retailers and IT companies to educational institutions and car dealers.

What problem do you have?

  • You have no extra personnel to operate live chat
  • Your employees are not trained to perform fast, but exciting live chats with customers
  • You do not have the right staff to deliver a high quality live chat service with quick response times to your customers and prospects
  • You have outside your office hours no employees in the office who can man the live chat
  • You already have live chat, but the chats do not lead to the desired results
  • You are already outsourcing live chat, but the quality of the conversations is disappointing
  • Your live chat currently takes place during the day, but you also want to offer live chat in the evening and over the weekend

What do we offer?

Customer service is our passion

Delivering excellent customer service is our core business. It is the reason why LiveChat Pro exists.

We are always online

We are online on your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Comment allez-vous? Angenehm Sie kennen zu lernen! We support the following languages: German, French, Spanish and Dutch.


We believe so strongly in our quality that we deliver guarantees on the availability and response times (with penalty clauses).

Professional Chat Team

Our employees are professionally trained chat operators. An in-house sales and customer service trainer ensures that operators have the right skills. And before they go to work for a new client, they are trained during the first 2-4 weeks in its products and services. Read more about our training and knowledge transfer.

Chat Software Included

We use the best live chat software in the world. And you do not have to pay anything extra. The price of the software is already included in our pricing.

Choose your department

johanvandewater-300x298With LiveChat Pro we can serve our international website visitors better and faster. Seven days a week, almost 24 hours a day in 4 different languages!

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