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Live chat for Customer Service

Our Managed Live Chat service uses live chat technology to identify customers who have problems with their self-service experience and proactively bring them into contact with one of our Chat Agents. The result is improved customer satisfaction, a less loaded primary support for our customers and a lower bounce rate of visitors.

How do we achieve this:

  • Experienced Operations Team – our Chat Agents are extensively trained to optimize online customer experiences. We do this now in 4 different languages: English, French, German and Dutch.
  • Rules-Based Engagement Engine and Escalation Process – the technology we use allows us to identify specific behaviors that usually result into a poor customer experience and actively target those visitors by getting them at just the right moment in touch with our Chat Agents, so they get the attention they deserve.
  • Comprehensive Analytics – Using valuable data about user behavior LiveChat Pro delivers you insight into customer care issues. By linking this data with exit interviews, we are able to provide our clients with direct feedback on how to improve the overall customer experience with their brand.
  • We are infinitely smarter – All chats are stored in our advanced internal knowledge base, which can be revised by our clients and to which they can add notes, FAQs and support tickets. This means that we are constantly learning and getting better with each chat, so your customers are increasingly satisfied.


  • Increased customer satisfaction resulting in increased customer retention and loyalty
  • Incoming calls are avoided, as a result lower overall costs and increased ROI when our Chat Agents can handle up to three simultaneous chats at one time, and have contact with customers who would otherwise have called in.
  • Understanding your product and service problems, allowing you to improve your offerings and brand reputation


  • Retail
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Education
  • Local councils
  • Brands
  • Charities

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