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Live chat for E-commerce

The line between in-store and online experiences continues to fade.

When a customer walks into a store, and he seems to need help, the seller will contact the customer, offer personalized help and try to sell at the highest possible value. The seller will use all available information: the product which the customer is looking at, does the customer have problems finding a product or trying to compare one, does he seem frustrated, does he walks towards the exit, is this a returning customer … and based on this information, along with the expected value of the customer and the transaction, the seller will provide the right type and level of assistance.

LiveChat Pro enables e-commerce managers and owners of webshops to replicate the same process in the online sales process. In fact, by outsourcing live chat to chat specialists in the field of sales and e-commerce our clients can deliver better work and do so with greater efficiency.

LiveChat Pro enables customers to significantly increase their e-commerce results. Customers typically realize:

  • a 20% increase in online sales
  • a 35% increase in average order value through cross-sells and upsells
  • less cart abandonment
  • increases in repeat sales


  • Retail
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Comparison sites
  • Insurances

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