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Prices Managed Live Chat

We have service packages that are suitable for every size of business. Regardless of what your organization needs, we have a Managed Live Chat package that fits your organization. We expect that you will be excited about the way our chat operators engage with your website visitors, provide excellent customer service and generate warm leads for your organization.

Managed live chat
Recommended for sites from 20,000 visitors a month

From £ 899per month

Including proactive chats
Support in 5 languages
From 6am till midnight, 7 days a week, or extend to 24 hours a day
Optional: Service Level Agreement
Chat software and monthly reporting are included
Access to dashboard is included
One-year and month-to-months contracts available

What do you do?

LiveChat Pro is a leading live chat contact center with live chat operators that work for various clients, ranging from retailers, IT companies, educational institutions and car dealers.

Are you expensive?

No. Manning live chat is an expensive service. It would require at least one FTE. If you’d also like to be available during evenings and weekends, you need about 3 FTE’s. Live chat is a costly service. Compare the prices of our managed live chat with the costs of an in-house live chat team.

How do you familiarize with our products/services?

We invest a lot in the transfer of knowledge with clients. You can read all about it here.

Which languages do you support?

We offer live chat in Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German.

Enterprise Plus

If your site has more than 50,000 visitors per month, or you using our dedicated chat operators, please contact us for a quote.

Pay for Performance

Instead of paying for a chat you can also, if applicable, pay per lead or per order. Please contact us to receive a price per lead (or CPS).

Service Level Agreement

Our service level agreement includes the following. We guarantee a response time of up to 30 seconds on an incoming chat request. We also guarantee that our services 99.9% of the time will be available. And finally, we guarantee a minimum of 95% customer satisfaction! If we don't achieve these targets, we will refund a portion of the monthly fee.

The large print

We run a transparent company. We want to point out that it is in your interest to keep us informed of major marketing or advertising campaigns, so we can adjust the number of chat operators to the expected web traffic. We can only provide guaranteed response time and uptime to our customers who give us at least 7 days in advance to notify us of major marketing campaigns. All prices are excluding VAT. Subscriptions are billed in advance. Other costs, such as additional leads and conversations, are billed monthly in arrears.

Do you have your own staff?

If you do not need staff, but only the live chat software, please purchase a license for LiveChat here.

Other services

Beside managed live chat live chat we also offer other services, such as implementation and training. Do you have any questions? Please contact us.