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Live chat implementation

What's the problem?

  • You have never used live chat and do not know where to start
  • You have used live chat but it doesn't integrate (entirely) with your shopping cart or CRM system.
  • The chat window stands out as a strange item on your website and you want to integrate it in a slick way.
  • You are going to deploy live chat on a large scale and need help with the implementation.

The Solution

Selecting the best live chat software to match your requirements (we are not tied to a specific software vendor) for the realisation of customer-specific integrations.

It can involve the design of the appearance of the chat window so that the live chat function on your website does not stand out as a separate item. Or maybe you want to seamlessly integrate live chat with the shopping cart on your website or your CRM system.

Our implementation team works with each new customer to ensure that the live chat roll out is successful. During the initial optimisation period we ensure that live chat meets, or even transcends, your expectations, in order to achieve a healthy ROI: generate leads, increase conversion, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs:

  • Proven project management to set up live chat on your site in a timely manner
  • Expertise with regard to what should be measured and how
  • Use of proactive chat
  • Recommendations on staff capacity for live chat
  • Operational recommendations with regard to efficiency and conversions

Our implementation services are suitable for customers who are yet to implement live chat and for customers who already use live chat but are looking for a more customised solution.

Contact us contact if you would like us to send you a quote.

roosLiveChat Pro has given Makelaarsland an extra opportunity to get in touch with customers that has been valuable to us and to our clients who want to sell their houses. Easy to use, fast customer service and LiveChat Pro offers insight to help our business!

Roos van Schaijk – Makelaarsland