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Proactive chat

Proactive live chat is a great tool for increasing the overall interaction on your website, as well as increasing conversions and improving the customer experience. In a nutshell, proactive live chat is an automatic message generator used for customers who are viewing your website, to encourage a conversation with customer service representatives via a chat window. It gives you the ability to focus on a specific visitor on your website during their customer journey before using audio-visual signals to invite them for a live chat session. The invitation is in the form of a chat window with a custom message, for example: “You’re experiencing a problem with the payment? I can help you with this.”

Reactive chat is where the chat button on your site is just waiting on a customer to click on it when they knows they need help. Proactive chat looks for the interaction with visitors based on their behaviour; a proactive chat is caused by the actions or behaviour of users and it is we who then start the conversation on behalf of your company, instead of the visitor. Proactive chat can detect the problem of the consumer as soon as it takes place, it offers assistance and it leads the customer to a solution and/or sale. Proactive chat can help meet the need of consumers to have contact while the incremental sales increase and reduces the number of customer drops at checkout.

How does proactive chat work?

This function opens the chat window automatically for visitors after certain conditions are met, for example, after the visitor has been on the website for a certain length of time. For example, if the average time on the checkout page is one and a half minutes, then automatically after 2 minutes you can send out an invitation to chat to provide assistance to the visitors who have difficulties or doubts. The software that we use invites a visitor once per browser session to avoid irritating the visitor.

Proactive chat communication takes place almost always automatically by implementing one or more business rules. The most effective proactive greetings are entirely customised greetings that are activated on the basis of detailed visitor behaviour. In fact, the possibilities are endless, but they are also the most difficult part to arrange. At LiveChat Pro we have extensive experience with proactive greetings that are successful. The data collected from the visitor tracking function is used for the business rules. Different business rules can be created in order to focus on certain types of buyers, specific areas of the website, and specific locations in the sales funnel.

To be able to develop the right business rules, insight into the behaviour of the visitor is required. This understanding is obtained by LiveChat Pro through Google Analytics. LiveChat Pro employs experts with Google Analytics Qualified Individual certification.

Proactive invitations should be carefully formulated so that they target the right people and at the right times. Proactive chat offers a chance for increased engagement and if they targeted properly they can also convert this engagement.

Proactive live chat, relatively speaking, is not used that much by many other companies, no doubt because of the complexity of such an implementation. We almost always use custom made proactive greetings with our customers and know what we need to do to ensure that live chat on our customers’ websites is effective. We’ve been using proactive live chat for years. If you are not using it, you are missing valuable conversations, leads and conversions.

In short, proactive live chat can be an important strengthening of your online performance in terms of both increasing conversions, as well as creating a better experience for your customers. If your current proactive live chat strategy is not leading to more chats with customers on your site or an overall improvement in performance, then you might want to consider contacting us to help you do this.