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Why not use my own people?

The price for our managed live chat service starts at £885 per month. If you employ your own staff, it will amount to the following:

  • Gross salary of a customer service employee: £22,000 (source: Reed.co.uk)
  • Employee insurance (Class 1 NICs): £3,016
  • Office space and other overheads: £3,000
  • Computer and phone: £720
  • Total :£28,736 per year

This is excluding any recruitment, training and management costs. The employee will need to remain sat at the desk in order to respond to incoming chats quickly (we guarantee a response time of max. 30 seconds). They can’t receive calls or perform other activities. One member of staff is, of course, not enough to provide live chat from 6am until 10pm, 7 days per week. In addition, we also work with chat operators who are on standby; so we are never on sick leave or on holiday.

And finally, live chat is our core business. It’s what we do, day in day out. We are continuously optimising the live chat software to reach the visitor at exactly the right time in the purchase process. We are experts in the field and know exactly how to convert visitors into leads and customers.

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